Why Invest in the Alternatives Fund?

The Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund (‘Alternatives Fund’) (ASX:BAF) is the only listed investment company with a diversified alternative asset portfolio in Australia.

It has seven key benefits for investors:

1. A diverse portfolio of Blue Sky managed alternative investments;

2. Low expected correlation of returns to traditional investment classes;

3. Liquidity as an ASX listed security;

4. Access to the strong investment track record of Blue Sky;

5. Co-invests alongside wholesale and institutional investors;

6. An investment strategy aimed at achieving attractive investment returns via dividend income and an increase in NTA over time;

7. Low cost structure.

Shareholder Information

Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Limited (‘Alternatives Fund’) is a listed investment company that invests in a diverse range of alternative assets including private equity and venture capital; real assets; and private real estate.

The following information is available on our Alternatives Fund Shareholder page:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Share Price
  • Dividend Table
  • Monthly NTA reports and videos
  • ASX Announcements
  • Annual Reports
  • Shareholder enquiries